Are you about to move to a new house or apartment?
Or just move your furniture from one room to another?
Wondering how to fit your furniture in?
We are here to help you!

Our professional team members can carefully take apart your furniture, whether that may be a table, sofa, recliner, dresser for your home or a desk or cubicle for your new office, you can be certain that Couch disassembly is your go to company – we will move your furniture from one location to the other, whether that is the next room, down the hall or across the city – we are here to help!
We’ll work for you 24/7 when the need arises and when you have an emergency too.
And because we provide a full range of furniture restoration, refinishing and cleaning, from frame repair, leather and upholstery repair to recreating missing parts — we’ll make sure those nicks, dents and scratches, water marks, pet stains, and any other damages are gone.
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You can be certain that when your needs require it, our professional team members will carefully take your furniture apart if needed will assist with moving it to the new location… whether that’s the next room or across the city… then put it back together so it is as good as new.Whether you need residential take-down and reassembly or you’re reconfiguring an office or renovating a hotel, you can depend on All Furniture Services.We’ll work for you 24-7 when the need arises or when you have an emergency, too.

And because we provide a complete range of furniture restoration and cleaning services from refinishing to frame, leather and upholstery repair to recreating missing parts, we’ll see that those nicks, scratches, water marks, pet stains, or other damage is taken care if needed.